Welcome to MysteryLabs! I’m Laris. This is the place where you can find all the things I like to tinker with: electronics, home automation, mobile tech, car tech, really just tech. On top of that, occasionally, there will be something in the world that I’ll have an opinion about, opinion that’s strong enough to get me to write about it. You’ll find those musings in the blog.

Why, you ask?  See, every time I work on building something, that build ends up being a quest for information. Usually, that quest involves many hours of searching just to find all the details that explain the hows and they whys behind an idea or a project.  Strangely enough, the “how” is easy to find, the “why” is a different story entirely. It seems that in many cases focus is on building something and making it work rather than understanding why and how it woks. To me, just building something is a good starting point, but if you just stop there, you won’t learn a whole lot. After doing it a couple of times, it becomes very easy to follow schematics, wire up a few components, jump over to GitHub, copy and paste few lines of code and voila – you have a thing that does a thing.

On the other hand, if a would-be maker approaches every project with the mindset that knowledge is far more valuable than just building a widget, they will quickly become a creator. Creator being someone who can solve problems on their own and have ideas of their own, based on what the learned, not just re-create what someone else came up with. I hope to foster that approach and a way of thinking here. I’ll strive to explain the “why” behind every “how” and hopefully motivate a few of you to dig deeper and learn more – to start out as a maker and move on to becoming a creator.

Your thoughts and questions are always welcome. Jump over to the contact page and let me know what’s on your mind.